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Children who feel good about themselves will be more willing to learn and take on new challenges. Our curriculum focuses on the child and their self-confidence. Self-confidence grows out of successful experiences! Our program will provide the kinds of experience that will enhance each child’s development. All children learn through play. Our curriculum takes this into account and is centered around the importance of play. It promotes physical, language, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development.

Goals for Language Development
  • Social Communication

  • Acquiring familiarity with written language

  • Communication skills (listening, speaking, literacy, and writing)

  • Beginning reading and writing skills through frequent exposure with letters, symbols and positive experiences with books


Goals for Physical Development
  • Improving Gross Motor Skills

  • Improving Fine Motor Skills

  • Enhance Eye-Hand Coordination


Goals for Social and Emotional Development
  • Experiencing interaction with others

  • Learning to get along with others

  • Expressing own feelings in acceptable ways

  • Building self-confindance

  • Understanding and showing concern for others’ feelings

  • Growing self-control over behavior

  • Engaging in cooperative play, sharing and taking turns

Goals For Creative Development
  • Encouraged to use imagination and pretend

  • Using a variety of materials to explore and stimulate creativity

  • Exploring and trying different approaches to meet experiences and solve problems

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