Half-Pint is learning, having fun, and understanding how to truly enjoy life. Our kids welcome the day with a smile every morning they walk into school, and leave exhausted from all of the fun they've had with their friends and teachers. Half-Pint has been open for just about eighteen years, and each year has been a joy for owner and director Jodi Epstein. Half-Pint services children ages six weeks through six years of age. Children ages nineteen months and above may enroll two to five days of the school week. We have only the utmost care for our families and children of Half-Pint. If you have any questions at all for Jodi or would like to enroll your child/children, please click here to be directed to our contact page.

Miss Jodi Epstein

Jodi Epstein, owner and director of Half-Pint, has been accepted among the prestigious ranks of Standford Who's Who as a result of her extraordinary effort in the Education industry. As Owner and Director of Half-Pint for the past eighteen years, Jodi has consistently displayed the passion, vision and dedication necessary to be successful in the business world. Jodi possesses exceptional expertise in teaching. During her education career, she earned a Bachelor's degree from Ashland University in Human Services and Family Development.

Miss Terry

Miss Terry has been teaching for over twenty years and has students who are now in high school still remembering her today! She has been married to her wonderful husband Donnie over 40 years, and has three sons. She opened Half-Pint with Jodi eighteen years ago, and still, to this day, cannot get enough of the joy the kids and the school bring to her life!


Miss Debi

Miss Debi is a mother of five, plus two step, and a grandmother of two! Kids are her life, when her youngest began attending elementary school, she felt lost without kids being with her all day. Working at Half-Pint is a true joy for her and she could never imagine working anywhere else and not being a part of the Half-Pint family.


Miss Linda
(aka Miss Dinda)

Miss Linda got her nickname from one of the very creative kids at Half-Pint. She has enjoyed the nine years of teaching the children of Half-Pint. She has a beautiful yellow lab named Girlie, and enjoys spending her time outside of Half-Pint with her husband of over 40 years, Bill, and their son, William and his wife Denise. Miss Dinda truly loves interacting with the children and their parents, and feels a sense of accomplishment when she sees each children grow and mature, and move onto the next chapter in life.

Miss Nancy
Miss Megan 
Miss Lisa

Miss Nancy grew up in Lincoln Park, New Jersey and finished 12 years of school, majoring in Dental Assisting. She worked ten years in that field until her four beautiful children came along. She stayed home to raise them, along with babysitting other children. When her last child started school, she decided she wanted to spend her time caring for children, by beginning a career in childcare. She then found Half-Pint, and has enjoyed every moment of the 12 years she has worked here!

Miss Megan grew up in Hackettstown and just graduated with her Masters in Social Work from Monmouth University. Miss Megan also just recently got married.  Miss Megan started at Half-Pint as a seasonal employee in the summer of 2016 and now works full-time helping the teachers in the classroom, as well as Miss Jodi in the office.  She loves working with the children here at Half-pint and feels it is a great fit with her social work background.

Miss Lisa was raised in Franklin Township and graduated from Warren Hills High School. In the summer of 2007, she began working at Half-Pint and she has enjoyed working with younger children ever since. Half-Pint is like a second home to her. She considers everyone who works at Half-Pint to be part of her family.

Miss Melina 
Miss Chris
Miss Ashley
(aka Miss Ash-a-ley)

Miss Melina lives on a farm in Washington Township where her husband and herself raise their three children. She was previously a personal care aide in an elementary school before joining the Half-Pint family. She loves working with children and is thrilled to be working here.

Miss Chris lives in Hackettstown with her husband and children.  She was a pediatric NICU nurse and also worked as a physical therapy assistant.  Miss Chris has always loved working with children.  She started working at Half-Pint in the summer of 2019, and is very excited to be a part of the Half-Pint family.

Miss Ashley is a 2019 Warren Hills graduate. Miss Ashley was a former student here at Half-Pint. She attends the University of Alabama majoring in Early Childhood Education. She also dreams to own Half-Pint one day. Miss Ashley truly loves working with the kids as it will help her in her future endeavors in the education field.

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